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Customized Anti-Slip Stairtreads & FRP Stair Nosing

FRP Stair Nosing (Stairnosing) & Anti-Slip Stair Treads

Leading step edges are perfectly re-profiled using non-slip stairnosing with long wearing and anti-corrosive properties into the designing process. This involves effective redesigning which in turn can be appropriate in preventing the associated mishaps often resulting out of negligence.

Harshest of conditions can be dealt with using specially designed robust fiberglass which has the capability to combat the higher pressure associated with the complex situations.
De-lamination being a problem resulting out of insecure metal alternatives, is prevented with the heavy duty surfaces like stair nosing impregnated with gritty components
Color requests can be made with the available options ranging from standard color to safety yellow enhancing visibility while constructing stairnosing elements.
StairSAFE FRP Stair Nosing can range up to 3250mm.
The StairSAFE elements like stir nosing and anti-slip stairtreads are highly resistant to the chemical intrusions without giving in to the corrosive environment.
Stair nosing element is well adapted as shipping, refining and marine usable along with the chemical industries.
Heat and fire resistance along with similar retardant additives are provided alongside similar anti-slip stairtread which conforms to the ASTM E84
Lasts five times better than the metallic counterparts, StairSAFE FRP stairnosing thus saves on the initial product rates along with reduced installation time and associated costing.
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Easy Step by Step Product Ordering

Select your product - stairsafe product
906-SSNStairSAFE Narrow FRP Nosing (A=50mm)
906-SSRStairSAFE Regular FRP Nosing (A=75mm)
906-SSWStairSAFE Wide FRP Nosing (A=100mm)
906-SSCStairSAFE Custom FRP Nosing (A=up to 300mm)
Select your surface colour - Safety Yellow (standard) Custom colours are available but are non standard.
Nominate your anti-slip stairtreads grade - Marine (non standard), Industrial (standard) or Commercial (non standard).
Nominate required length (B) in mm - available up to 3250mm.
Nominate any fixing points required, i.e. drilled holes. Specify desired location for ease of installation. Remember to order your correct fixing, or call 1800 246 800 for technical advice from our sales team.
Specify your required quantity. Please note that fold down (C) is common to all sizes , 25mm; and remember if you have an unusual or unique application, our nationwide area representatives are happy to visit your site, just call 1800 246 800.