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Incorporating Anti-Slip Rung Covers & Capping as Ladder Safe Inclusions

Anti-slip surface provides adept cushioning from the unassailable terrains using selective properties. The abrasive surface is gritty enough eliminating slipping possibilities while accessing the ladders and other treading options. With these implications looming large, the anti-slip coverings can act as effective cushions.

LadderSAFE is available in both tubular rung (Covers) and square rung (Cappings) profiles to suit any diameter or cross sectional area. These include the basic structures which have been highly improved to suit the user requirements. The ladders are thus safeguarded against the myriad mishaps which they are normally prone to.
Surface, whilst ideal for the negation of slip issues, has been developed so as not to damage bare hands and is actually perfect for every application. These techniques can be effectively used to modify the dangerous attributes and to perfect the techniques for accessing the uncovered areas.
Chemicals, severe weather and corrosive mixtures will not adversely affect LadderSAFE performance or longevity as these are highly durable as vinyl and selected components are being used accordingly.
LadderSAFE Rung Covers are available in both FRP and metallic substrates including Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Aluminum sheets.
Standard Safety Yellow colour ensures excellent visual highlighting and the clients can enquire about custom colours which are also available.
LadderSAFE is available in lengths up to 500mm long in metallic substrate or 3000mm long in FRP substrate.
Accurate pre-drilling of fixing holes is available with all LadderSAFE Rung Covers and Cappings making installation easier than previously adopted measures.
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906-LSCOMLadderSAFE Metallic Rung Covers
906-LSCAMSAFE Metallic Rung Cappings
906-LSCOFLadderSAFE FRP Rung Covers
906-LSCAFLadderSAFE FRP Rung Cappings
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Nominate any fixing points required, i.e. drilled holes. Specify desired location for ease of installation. Remember to order your correct fixing, or call 1800 246 800 for technical advice from our sales team.
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