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Installation Methods & Accessories

The techniques which can be effectively used to process the installation theories can be used seamlessly here. Some the imperative aspects include the use of ramps and decks which can be added with the basic safety options either by modifying the prefabricated options or installing new ones. Better techniques involve the use of anti slip rings and options to modify the basics of stairs and ladders by effectively adding components to the frameworks.

Similar techniques can be used for stairnosing which then can minimize the slip and falls by safeguarding the surfaces well. The ultimate solution for slippery ramps, decks, catwalks and landings happen to be the effective installation process which can be realized as follows:

1.Place the Nosing or Plate on the Stair Tread/Grating to ensure the items fit correctly.

2.After removing the Nosing of Plate from the Tread/Grating mark the decided placement for the fixings. All Nosing fixings should be near the centre of the Nosing as much as possible and at least 100mm from either of the ends. Ensure your decided fixing points are centralized to the apertures in the Grating and do not clash with load bars.

3.Note: StairSAFE products should be fixed every 700mm, i.e. a 900mm nosing would require at least 2 fixing systems, 100mm from either end.

4.using a variable speed driver, proceed to drill a 75mm fixing hole using a timber/metal drill piece. Employee awareness can be taken one step further with integrated signage, meaning any symbol, letter or word can be added on request.

5.Once the process has been completed for all the required fixing holes, one must place the Nosing or Plate again on the Tread/Grating and position correctly.

6.Proceed to install the Nosing or Plate as shown in the StairSAFE Clip Set of your choice.

7.Repeat the procedure for all the nosing or Plates to be installed.

8.Ensure all nuts are tightened securely.