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Using Anti-Slip Fibreglass (FRP) for Deck Plating

This comes as an ultimate solution for slippery ramps, decks, catwalks and landings with the effective options involving better cladding of the surfaces to prevent the undesired mishaps.

Properties include:

DeckSAFE is designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in areas where the presence of oil and water liquids has seriously enhanced the risk. Slipping can thus be negated using these plating techniques to accentuate the levels of friction.
Standard bright Safety Yellow colour enhances the visibility factor for greater vigilance against accidents. Other colors available are Black, Grey and other custom forms to help users experiment with the options in hand.
Optional (Marine) heavy duty abrasive grit eliminates tripping hazards in oily and wet conditions.
DeckSAFE can markedly enhance the safety rating of all the applications and components in hand making for better and secured options.
The enhancement of employee awareness can be taken one step further with integrated signage, meaning any symbol, letter or word can be added at your request. This makes them look as effective solutions having customized options associated.
Perfect for numerous applications, including shipping, marine, refining and chemical industries letting each use the features with high utility.
DeckSAFE provides total peace of mind, not only for stakeholders and management personnel, but also for the employees ensuring that workers get to know that employers do care for their safety.
Treadwell can also manufacture DeckSAFE to suit unusually shaped applications available around i.e. round pipes, penetrations etc.
Select your product -
906-DSFDeckSAFE FRP Plating (4mm)
906-DSGADeckSAFE Galvanised Plating (3mm)
906-DSALDeckSAFE Aluminium Plating (3mm)
906-DSTDeckSAFE Stainless Steel Plating (3mm)
Select your surface colour, choose from Yellow, Grey or Black - custom colours are available.
Nominate your anti-slip grade - Marine (non standard), Industrial (standard) or Commercial (non standard).
Nominate required dimensions, (A x B) keeping in mind standard panels are available in 3000mm x 1000mm panels - sizes required larger than this will be supplied in several pieces. Should shapes be required, please provide Treadwell with a sketch, or feel free to contact us - 1800 246 800.
Nominate any fixing points required, i.e. drilled holes. Specify desired location for ease of installation.
Remember to order your correct fixing, or call 1800 246 800 for technical advice from our sales team.
Specify your required quantity. Remember if you have an unusual or unique application, our nationwide area representatives are happy to visit your site, just call 1800 246 800.